Meet Our Team

Lynette Messerole - Human Resource Coordinator

Matt Ghanem - Chief Executive Officer

Lynette is a motivated Human Resource Coordinator including designing, managing and facilitating leadership development. Focus areas and core functions include labor and employee relations, benefits, payroll administration, staffing management, recruitment, organizational and employee development.

She received her Bachelor's in Business Management and Accounting, and Master's Degree in Accountancy at University of Phoenix. She has worked in Accounting and Human Resources for over 20 years.  Her passion to help people and prior employment experience in a variety of roles and responsibilities led her to a career in Human Resources.

In her leisure time, Lynette enjoys reading, gardening, relaxing in the pool, traveling and spending time with her family especially her two daughters, and her four grandchildren.  Lynette currently resides in Warner, SD with her husband Jason, and their 2 dogs and a cat.